March 2012 Beauty Article


BY Jennifer McLaughlin

This month we are talking about business, so let’s get down to the business of makeup, ladies! Working 9-5 doesn’t mean you need to abandon your makeup bag. Here are some great ideas on how to maximize your daytime, professional look.


It’s not just the morning cup of coffee that will give you a fresh and awake look at the office, but using neutral shade shadows, applied in a way to give lift and openness to your eyes, will too! Choose matte, neutrals like warm toffee browns, chocolates, muted grey, and soft pinks to wear to work. Apply a mid-tone neutral shade (not your lightest or your darkest shade) to the lower lid, from lashline to just where the eye begins to crease. Highlight under your brow (where the arch is, to the edge) with a shadow in a pale beige or a champagne color with slight shimmer. Shimmer is best kept to a minimum in the workplace so that you aren’t too “flashy” or “glitzy” for the office, but a little under the brow is totally appropriate. Use a deep neutral in the crease, to create a little bit of natural depth and contour of the eye. Keep liner to softer shades, like deep browns, plums, or even slate grey. Finish with mascara, of course, for wide-awake eyes!
Complete your office, daytime look with neutral cheeks, using a light bronzer over the high planes of the face (across the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and across the temples…think of where the sun would hit you naturally if you were outside for an hour or so). Keep your blush look fresh and clean, applied right to the apples of your cheeks. Try smiling a big “Good morning, I have that report you asked for” smile, and apply your blush to the puffiest part! Line your lips with a neutral liner that closest matches your choice of lipstick, and skip the gloss for the office.










Hardatworkandawaitingthefiveo’clockhour to hit? Maybe you’ve got a big date, a dinner with friends, or cocktails with coworkers…take five minutes to spice up your daytime look and give yourself an After-Five makeover. Your look won’t need any removing, or changing, just some quick and simple additions you can make to kick it up a notch! Apply a deeper shade of shadow (try a dark brown, deep eggplant, or soft black), into the crease and corner of the eyes, and sweep it right under your lower lashes, for an instant smoky boost to your daytime look. Touch up your brown eyeliner, with black, and recoat those lashes with some mascara. Add a bit more bronzer or a soft contour to the cheeks and a shimmering or brighter blush to awaken your face and make everything pop! Touch up your lips, and add your gloss. There is nothing more evening appropriate than glossy lips, so don’t be shy, catch up for lost time and gloss up those lips.
The same basis for daytime makeup can be used for interviews as well. It’s always best to bring a polished and professional you to the table when interviewing with a prospective employer. You don’t ever want your makeup to be such a distraction that it is a roadblock to you getting the
job of your dreams! Remember, 9-5 doesn’t need to be boring and dull…just clean, polished, and approachable!

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