January 2013 Fashion Article


by: Heather Aki

With the holiday season coming to an end, vacations are over and the work life goes back to normal. Instead of checking off lists of gifts for family members and friends, it is the list of things to accomplish in the upcoming New Year. Some people have one or two ideas for their New Year’s resolution. One of the most common resolutions everyone thinks about after the holidays is their health!


There is never a moment in life when you cannot be stylish, even when you are working out. Starting the New Year back in the gym to shave off those holiday pounds can become sweaty and seem unstylish. To make your after workout look chic and stylish, just throw on a cocoon cardigan and head to your next destination. This cardigan is light weight, soft and can be dressed up for any occasion. There isn’t a closure on the cocoon cardigan, so it drapes well and gives a nice breeze when walking around. It is an easy addition to disguise an after gym look.


Another item any gym member should have in their wardrobe is leggings. If you are used to wearing shorts to work out in, try a pair of The North Face leggings. They come in an array of colors and styles. These leggings are made for comfort with the cotton and spandex blend. The knee length style is a great pair of leggings for runners, yoga members and fast walkers. Wear the basic black and put your cardigan or hoodie pullover for a sporty look.


Now for every sporty look, you must have a great pair of shoes. Usually for dancers, Uggs are a go-to shoe after the long workout. For those who don’t own a pair or want great work out shoes, the Nike Free-Run are a stylish pair to have. The Free-Run are made in both men and women styles. They come in a radiant variety of colors, mixing and matching those neon colors to make your shoe stand out! They are very light weight and flexible which makes it easy to carry them in a tote or have in the back of your car coming going straight to the gym from work. The Nike Free Run can be located at any shoe store or Nike outlet! Pair these with your leggings and cardigan; you will be the most stylish and ready for any kind of obstacle.


We have the basic workout outfit, now on to accessories. There is always some sort of bag or tote your gym clothes stay in before ending up in the laundry. Whether it is leather or canvas find the most stylish tote that brings out your personality. The cylinder gym bag has been the most iconic for the past couple of decades. You always see actors in the locker room with them in old movies and television shows. Don’t worry, they are still in style! The canvas bag is made with various graphics like polka dots, stripes or brand logos to suit everyone’s fashion. Another great gym bag is the multipurpose, bowler bag. This is a U-shaped bag that can be very stylish at the gym, but is also great to take traveling. There are side pockets to store cards or phones for traveling, and headbands and socks for the gym.

To wrap up the complete workout wardrobe, we’ll fill up our gym tote with more accessories! Colored headbands are essential to every gym look, whether you have short or long hair. For the ladies with bangs, pull all your hair back with the elastic, neon-colored headbands to give a chic style. Is your hair too short for a ponytail? Don’t worry; just pull the band to the crown of your head to get a carefree, athletic look. A very practical essential is a water bottle. There are many selections to have when it comes to a water bottle. Colored water bottles with a toggle are the best to have for the gym. Just clip them onto your bag and you are ready to go! If you are the fitness queen who always forgets the water bottle at home and just buys one, grab those fun bottle holders. With these items, you can keep up with your New Year’s resolution in style!

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