February 2012 Beauty Article

Say “I Do”
 to makeup!

BY Jennifer McLaughlin
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Clifton Roberts

You’ve got the dress. The flowers are designed. The venue is booked. What’s next? Your beautiful face! Immortalizing your face in your pictures for years to come is of high priority! Here are a few fun and easy ways to really maximize your look and give you some direction to share with your makeup artist!


Princess Me…

Pretty much every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day…right? Why not take a page out of a real life fairytale and go for a smoky, yet classically beautiful Kate Middleton inspired eye! To achieve this look, shade the lower lid with a taupey, grey shade, covering from the lash line to the crease of the eye. Shade a matte, soft, grey into the crease, just to blend the lid shade up and out slightly. Highlight the arch of the brow with something soft and creamy, not with a lot of shimmer. Kate’s eyes were really subtle, but very concentrated around the lash line. To line the eye as she did, choose a black, or charcoal grey liner, and line from corner to corner, bringing the end slightly upwards at the corner of the eye. Kate lined under her eyes with a pencil, which many brides aren’t too sure about doing. For a softer, less drawn on look, and to help you to line under the eye without it looking so harsh, choose a matte eye shadow, applied with a pencil tip brush. Finish with mascara and false lashes if you’d like!


Let’s Get Cheeky…

Everyone wants perfect bone structure. Some are lucky enough to be born with it; some must create it. Contouring the cheeks is the ultimate skill in bone structure manipulation! With a full, but loosely packed brush, apply a powder (powder for a beginner is the best way to contour, although wonderful contouring effects can be achieved with cream textured products as well!) about two to three shades deeper than your skin tone, to the area that becomes hollow when you suck your cheeks in like a fish. In a flattened out “C” motion, blend the powder into this hollowed area, defining under the cheekbone. Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, and then sweep a light highlighting powder or cream over the tops of the cheekbones, and down the bridge of the nose for the perfect finish! Your cheeks will be structured like you were born with the bones of Cindy Crawford, on your wedding day, and every day!


Get in Line…

Lip lining is a MUST on your wedding day! Not only will it give clear definition and form to your pucker, but it will absolutely help hold your lip shade on longer, which is the number one concern of most of my brides! Choose a lip liner that is closest in shade to the lipstick you are wearing. Apply it in short, controlled strokes from corner to corner, meeting the lines you form as you go. You do not need to make one giant lip line, its okay to break it up into smaller strokes, go in opposite directions, and meet in the middle. Pay close attention to the natural line of your lip, and follow right along with it. If you so desire a fuller lip, you can always line just on the outside of the natural lip line, but if this is something you aren’t used to doing, be ready for some Angelina’s! I like to fill the lips with the liner, so that when applying lipstick, it has something other than your skin to cling to. Shade the corners of your lips slightly deeper than you do the rest of your lip, to create an illusion of a fuller center. Apply your lipstick or gloss, and get to kissing!



The Lady in Red…

We all want to do it. Some of us dare to. Others shy away. RED… It’s the color of passion, love, old Hollywood glamour. Red lips are hot; I dare you to find someone who disagrees! There is a red for everyone; I promise. Reds are basically a blue red (think like a cherry) or a yellow red (think like a tomato). Anyone can wear either; it just depends on the goal in mind. If you have a pinker undertone to your skin, a blue red is going to be the most “natural red” on you, while a yellow red, more dramatic. If you have a yellow undertone to your skin, just the opposite will be true. This objective is true for all color choices! The shades found within your skin will be the most natural on you, while those opposite the most dramatic. The key to red lips is in its application. Line the lips, and apply your red lipstick with a brush, so it’s best controlled and goes exactly where you want it.

Reds are pretty unforgiving, so wherever you touch down with it, it’s staying there for a while! I don’t usually recommend a gloss over a red lipstick, as they tend to make reds bleed into the little fine lines we have around the lip’s edge. However, my pick of the month is MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in Driven by Love. It’s like a red stiletto for your lips, ladies. This gloss is a very bold red, a little thicker in consistency, and sooooo shiny you just might blind whomever is lucky enough to get close enough to those lips. And it stays on, for a long, long time. Revv up those lips, girls…and go red!

Makeup for your wedding day is of highest priority! All eyes will for sure be ON YOU! Many girls think they can handle this task alone; however, hiring a professional makeup artist to tend to your beauty needs is by far the route to take. You’ve hired a pro for everything else, so why stop with what is clearly the center of attention…YOU! Research, ask your friends, and set aside a budget specifically for your makeup artist. And choose your artist early rather than leaving it to the end, as the most respected artists book up very far in advance. Many artists are less costly than you’d expect, but you should expect to pay not “just for makeup,” but also for the professional service they provide for you. Remember that you are not only hiring their hands and artistry, but you are hiring their time, training, and expertise as well.

Be sure to hire a professional that is really a PROFESSIONAL. Your artist should have a professionally stocked kit, and you shouldn’t need to bring a thing unless you specifically want to! Ask to see your artist’s work, and maybe even some client referrals or testimonials. Nothing speaks to the professionalism of an artist better than what their past clients have had to say…and what they’ve looked like! Schedule a trial run to ensure you like what the artist does with your look and to make sure your personalities are a match! Your makeup artist is literally going to be “in your face” on the biggest day of your life, so you need to make sure you like her/him! Be open to hearing what the artist has to say, as they really do know best what’s going to last the longest, look the best on camera, and make the most of your features. When possible, have your artist come to you at your venue so that you can eliminate stressors like traffic, other clients at a counter, or double-booked appointments at a spa!

This is the biggest event thus far in your life and probably the most expensive, too! Do yourself a favor, and let a professional take care of you (and your bridesmaids, mother, and mother-in-law if your budget allows) on your wedding day!



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