January 2012 Beauty Article


BY Jennifer McLaughlin
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Clifton Roberts

Welcome to a new year! We are kicking off 2012 with tips and trends for a new you! It’s health and fitness month, so what better time than now to talk about healthy skin, and share a few tips on how to look your best while working out at the gym!


“Your brows are like the frame to a picture…”

If there is one thing I get asked all the time, it’s the key to making brows look perfect! Pay attention…I’m sharing my secrets…

Your brows are like the frame to a picture, that picture being your eyes. A picture on your wall looks best hung with a frame, and the eyes look best when framed with the perfect brow! It all starts with knowing your facial structure and proper proportioning.

With a pencil, or a pencil-width brush handle, run the pencil along the side of your nose, perfectly straight. Where the pencil ends along the brow bone is where your brow should START. Any further into the center of the nose, or further out over the eye, throws off the proper shape of the brow.

To determine the highest point of the brow, the arch, move your pencil from its upright position, diagonally across the iris of the eye. This will be the peak, the arch of the brow.

Finally, to determine just how long your brow should extend, continue to move your pencil so that it is laying right underneath the corner of your nostril, running up across your cheekbone, to the corner of the orbital bone. This is where the brow should end. Any longer will be too exaggerated, and any shorter will look abruptly ended.

For filling thin or spacey brows, I prefer to use a matte powder eye shadow to a pencil, so that the brow looks more natural, and less drawn on. With a firm angled brush, pick up some shadow (choose a shade closest to the natural color of your hair, found closest to your root) and use small, light, and controlled strokes to wiggle the shadow under and in between the hairs of your brows, so that the color is coming from under the hairs that are there, rather than on top of them. You can always over draw the brows and then go back in with a remover wipe, or clean brush to shape and conform them into the style you want.

Something to remember when filling your brows…no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical! Your brows won’t be either, and that’s okay! I usually tell my clients…”your brows don’t have to be identical twin sisters, but should be a bit closer than distant cousins!”
“Balm up!”

Chapstick. Lip gloss. Burts Bees. So many options for those luscious lips! If there is one thing you do before your workout…apply a lip balm to those kissers so that they don’t end up dry and cracked!

Many people breathe through their mouth when working out, and this causes the lips to become overly dry! Balm Up, before your workout so that there is moisture working against you! Choose a balm with natural emollients in it, rather than something like a traditional Chapstick ,which is primarily wax and super drying all on its own. It’s also important to remember to find a balm with an SPF content to it if you workout outside. Even if you are an avid skier, those slopes reflect light and will burn your skin too. The lips burn just as easily as the skin, so be sure to protect them. Many brands make balms with tints to them, or even a little shimmer. Who says you can’t be glam at the gym?


“Lean and clean…”

Even if you only have a second…cleanse your skin after your workout! Get the grime out! The sweat off! Your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin you are putting it on, so treat it right. A quick swipe of an exfoliating cleansing cloth (you can grab some even at Walmart; it doesn’t have to be a fancy brand) smoothed over the skin in circular, upward motions will lift and remove the sweat and the dirt that you accumulated on that run or in that gym. A quick spray of a freshening toner, finished with a moisturizer best suited for your skin type (even oily skin needs a moisturizer too), and you’ll be lean and clean in no time!



“You’ve run, now you’ve gotta’ run…”

Have to hit the mall? Got a casual dinner date? Just don’t want to be seen without your makeup on? Here are some quick on-the-go tips for when you’ve run, and now you’ve gotta’ run…

The easiest way to brighten up the face and give a quick healthy glow is to dust a shimmering bronzer over the skin. Using a fluffy, not too densely packed brush, swirl your bronzer over the highpoints of the face that would naturally get

flushed after being out in the sun for a little bit. Sweeping bronzer right over the cheekbones, across the temples, and the bridge of the nose will give a very natural, polished, healthy look to your skin. Tap a cream eye shadow over the lower lids, hit those lashes with a touch of mascara, and grab that lip balm and apply another quick layer for some shine and sheen, and you are out the locker room door looking great!



MAC Powder Eye Shadow in COQUETTE and #208 Angled Brush

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in PETTING PINK Equate Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths at Walmart

MAC Powder Bronzer in GOLDEN, MAC #187 Brush, MAC Paint Cream Eye Shadow in STILIFE

Covergirl LASHBLAST Mascara at your local drug store

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